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    Accessories Dynamic/RGB luminaires

    Connecting cable Dynamic 1m


    Connecting cable with dynamic-plug and dynamic-socket
  • 21535061001
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    article number description connection system
    21535061001Connecting cable Dynamic 1mDynamic
    21535062501Connecting cable Dynamic 2,5mDynamic
    21508060714Dynamic 4-way distributorDynamic
    21542062501RGB connecting cable 2,5mRGB
    21508060705LED RGB 4-way distributorRGB
    21535012501Supply cable Dynamic Tape 2,5mDynamic
    21534062511Supply cable Dynamic Tape 2,5mDynamic
    21535000201Corner clip Dynamic TapeDynamic
    21535000101Connecting clip Dynamic TapeDynamic
    21535060001Connecting cable Dynamic Tape 50mmDynamic
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