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    mountable  Intero-Line Tray 200mmm black


    Shelf attachment for Intero-Line wall mounted luminaire , material anodised aluminium, for variable use in any position
  • 61500034501
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    article number description colour of housing
    61500034501Intero-Line Tray 200mmm blackblack
    61500034603Intero-Line Tray 600mmm stainless steel opticstainless steel
    61500034503Intero-Line Tray 600mmm blackblack
    61500034602Intero-Line Tray 400mmm stainless steel opticstainless steel
    61500034502Intero-Line Tray 400mmm blackblack
    61500034601Intero-Line Tray 200mmm stainless steel opticstainless steel
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