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    Stick F
    Stick F

    Stick F

    150° Ø ww nw
    0,5m 760 820 lx 820 lx
    1,0m 1520 205 lx 205 lx
    1,5m 2280 91 lx 91 lx
    2,0m 3040 51 lx 51 lx
    2,5m 3800 33 lx 33 lx

    Stick F

    Pluggable, homogeneous linear luminaire 24V DC  LED Stick F 200mm 36 LED 1,6W ww


    simply attach the supply cable and connect up to 2,4m of sticks or one stick SE (with side-connection


    220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz


    L70/B10 >= 60.000 h

    Energy efficiency:

    LED 108 lm/W; luminaire: 670 lm/m (84 lm/W)

    Colour rendering:

    Ra/CRI >= 95

    Special features:

    • maximum 20 W or 2,4 m per supply cable
    • without dark zones and without visible luminous spots
    • LED Stick with lateral feeder for continuous strip lighting
  • 20202124202
  • limited availability
  • available versions

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    article number description Lichtfarbe
    20202124202LED Stick F 200mm 36 LED 1,6W ww3000 K warm white
    20202124302LED Stick F 300mm 54 LED 2,4W ww3000 K warm white
    20202124312LED Stick F 300mm 54 LED 2,4W ww SE3000 K warm white
    20202124203LED Stick F 200mm 36 LED 1,6W nw4000 K neutral white
    20202124303LED Stick F 300mm 54 LED 2,4W nw4000 K neutral white
    20202124313LED Stick F 300mm 54 LED 2,4W nw SE4000 K neutral white