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    Track 24V

    Track adapter black

    Flat power supply 24 V

    power rail adapter black with 2x LED 24V connector


    LED-Trafo DC 24 V

    Special features:

      • for perfect and promotional illumination of shelves without disturbing and visible cables
      • easy and time-saving installation without tools by magnet or adhesive fastening
      • suitable for all common systems due to a minimal construction height of 3,2-3,5 mm (max.)
      • also ideal for mounting on metal, wooden, glass or mirror backwalls
      • flexible and nearly invisible positioning of current collector
      • Flat-track available in 2 standard lengths (1500 and 2600 mm), cuttable to any length
  • 21800080103
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    article number description colour of housing metal housing way of installation drilling diameter
    21800080103Track adapter blackblackYes--
    21800080107Track adapter anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumYes--
    21800010103LED Track 300mm blackblackYes--
    21800010107LED Track 300mm anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumYes--
    21800010203LED Track 600mm blackblackYes--
    21800010207LED Track 600mm anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumYes--
    21800010303LED Track 1000mm blackblackYes--
    21800010307LED Track 1000mm anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumYes--
    21800020123Track feeder element blackblackNo--
    21800020127Track feeder element anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumNo--
    21800030103LED Track Connector blackblackNo--
    21800030107LED Track Connector anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumNo--
    21800040103LED Track Corner Connector blackblackNo--
    21800040107LED Track Corner Connector anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumNo--
    21800050107LED Track End Cap anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumNo--
    21800050103LED Track End Cap blackblackNo--
    21800060100LED Track Glass Shelf Holder-No--
    21800070117LED Track Mounting Sleeve anodized aluminiumanodized aluminiumNoEinbau20mm
    21800070113LED Track Mounting Sleeve blackblackNoEinbau20mm

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