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    LED Track 24V

    LED Track Point S 1,5W ww black

    LED Track 24 V

    LED showcase luminaire for conductor rail, colour appearance warm white approx. 3000K, accessories: connector, corner connector, end cap, mounting sleeve for upright application of track in a showcase, glass shelf holder, by combination of different color appearances and the easy replugging, different materials can be staged with the right illumination


    LED-Trafo DC 24 V

    Eficiencia energética:

    LED: 88 lm/W; luminaire: 80 lm (53 lm/W)


    • output: max. 60 W per feeder element
    • not dimmable
  • 20202560302
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    N.º de artículo Denominación Color de la carcasa Color de la luz
    20202560302LED Track Point S 1,5W ww blackblack3000 K warm white
    20202560702LED Track Point S 1,5W ww anodized aluminiumanodized aluminium3000 K warm white
    20202560303LED Track Point S 1,5W nw blackblack4000 K neutral white
    20202560703LED Track Point S 1,5W nw anodized aluminiumanodized aluminium4000 K neutral white
    20202560301LED Track Point S 1,5W cw blackblack5000 K cool white
    20202560701LED Track Point S 1,5W cw anodized aluminiumanodized aluminium5000 K cool white