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  • LED Top-Stick FIR
    LED Top-Stick FIR
    LED Top-Stick FIR

    LED Top-Stick F

    110° Ø ww nw
    0,5m 610 1532 lx 1640 lx
    1,0m 1220 383 lx 410 lx
    1,5m 1830 170 lx 182 lx
    2,0m 2440 96 lx 103 lx
    2,5m 3050 61 lx 66 lx

    LED Top-Stick FIR

    LED Top-Stick FIR 450mm 7,1W ww

    LED under cabinet luminaire with homogeneous planar light

    Flat LED under cabinet luminaire with homogeneous planar light, housing aluminum, supply cable 2.5m with LED 24 plug and cable outlet to the rear, colour appearance ww (warm white) approx. 3000K,incl. touchless IR dimmer with NightLight function (additional small orientation LED), incl. 250mm self-adhesive white cable duct, if the luminaire is mounted centrally above the kitchen worktop and the cable has to be led back under the wall cabinet towards the back of the niche.


    LED-Trafo DC 24 V


    L70/B10 >= 60.000 Stunden

    Efficienza energetica:

    LED 107 lm/W; luminaire: 1100 lm/m (51 lm/W)

    Resa del colore:

    Ra/CRI >= 95


    • only 12 mm thickness
    • anodized aluminium
    • no visible luminous spots
    • IR dimmer (to switch and dim) with memory function (after cut off from mains the last brightness is recovered)
  • 61001425102
  • eventualmente disponibili in quantità limitata
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    N. articolo Denominazione Colore della luce
    61001425102LED Top-Stick FIR 450mm 7,1W ww3000 K warm white
    61001425202LED Top-Stick FIR 600mm 10,1W ww3000 K warm white
    61001425302LED Top-Stick FIR 900mm 15,6W ww3000 K warm white
    61001425402LED Top-Stick FIR 1200mm 20,9W ww3000 K warm white
    61001425103LED Top-Stick FIR 450mm 7,1W nw4000 K neutral white
    61001425203LED Top-Stick FIR 600mm 10,1W nw4000 K neutral white
    61001425303LED Top-Stick FIR 900mm 15,6W nw4000 K neutral white
    61001425403LED Top-Stick FIR 1200mm 20,9W nw4000 K neutral white

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