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  • ZigBee/Alexa-Controller

    Alexa, please switch on the light and dim it to 50%! - This could soon be the message you hear in your own home. And/or would you like to continue to operate a light switch in the classic way?

    No problem! With the ZigBee-Alexa controllers, all possibilities are open to you.

    In combination with the new ZigBee/Alexa wall switch, you even save yourself any complicated electrical installation by means of cables. It uses the kinetic energy of the keystroke to transmit the control signals and does not require any supply line or battery. It is simply mounted on the wall using an adhesive pad; the button can also be integrated into selected switch ranges from GIRA, JUNG, BERKER and Merten.

    The features at a glance:

    • compatible with all SmartHome systems via Philips HUE Bridge
    • directly controllable with ALEXA (for example via Amazon Echo 4)
    • can be controlled directly via the new ZigBee/Alexa wall switch (without battery); the wall switch is suitable for the GIRA, JUNG, BERKER and Merten switch ranges
    • available in DIM, Dynamic and RGB, RGBW version