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    ECO R 68

    The simple all-in-one recessed spotlight

    AR 35 and AR 45

    High-quality lighting design in a small form factor

    1st ground-breaking ceremony

    Hera expands its production area

    Intero-Line - simply excellent!

    Winner Kitchen Innovation Award 2024

    Live simple!

    The new trend color of the recessed wall light

    U-Pad F

    Flat under-cabinet luminaire

    Wardrobe Tube Luminaire Q

    Bring light into the wardrobe!

    ECO SR 68

    creative and individual illuminated!


    The new shelf back lighting

    Tape Z

    Decorative contour backlighting


    for a wide range of applications

    Easier, better, faster

    to your individual luminaire

    Time to change!

    Outlet of the fluorescent tube

    Blind hole switch Wireless-T

    Winner of the Green Product Award!

    The 3-component system from Hera

    Keep it smart and simple!

    SIL-LED 2

    Shows you immediatley what you are looking for!

    Tape L

    For uniform backlighting

    Tape COB-4 / COB-10

    Clear line! - Homogeneous illuminated surface with and without profile


    Make it smart!

    EcoLite F / EcoLite F HO

    Predestined for shopfitting


    Noble design meets excellent performance

    Meat R

    More turnover at the meat counter

    Sky Window

    Daylight no matter where


    Luminaires with colour appearance gets warmer while dimming

    LED tape sets

    Quick & Easy!

    Tape FN

    only 4 mm narrow and optimal for flexible, homogeneous light contours

    FR 65/205-LED / FQ 65/205-LED

    An all-rounder for retrofitting and modification

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