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    Sky Window

    LED recessed/over cabinet ceiling luminaire with daylight control  Sky Window 600 x 600mm 112W incl. milled frame


    LED ceiling luminaire incl. mounting frame with 3D sky, incl. transformer, mains connection cable with ferrules, controllable via the Hera Sky Window app or the wall control panel.


    220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz

    Vida útil:

    L70/B10 >= 50.000 h

    Reproducción de colores:

    Ra/CRI >= 95


    • Daylight has a huge impact on the well- being. Sky Window brings sunshine wherever it is needed.
    • Create natural daylight indoor, thanks to full spectrum LEDs (Sunlike-LED) and a smart daylight control.
    • The daylight ambience is realized by the simulated and illuminated 3D sky and the switchable solar radiation. Amazing real daylight effects can be achieved.
    • Due to the used Sunlike-LED, the colour rendering is Ra > 95, the same applies to the R9 value.
    • The colour appearance can be adjusted continously from 2.500K to 10.000K via app.
    • The smart light control enables the 24 hour rhythm and if necessary even analogously to the different time zones worldwide.
    • Up to 64 Sky Window luminaires can be controlled and switched in parallel.
    • Suitable for screen workplaces! (UGR < 19)
  • 20203061002
  • disponibilidad restringida probable
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    20203061002Sky Window 600 x 600mm 112W incl. milled frameSK1IP50
    20203061001Sky Window 1200 x 600mm 250WSK1IP50
    20201016602Milled frame Sky Window 1200 x 600mm--
    20201016612Mounting frame Sky Window 1200 x 600mm--
    20805005021Control Panel Sky WindowSK1IP20

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