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    Dim-2-Warm SR 68

    Swivel and tilt and dimmable LED recessed ceiling spotlight  Dim-2-Warm SR 68 6,5W ww white


    Swiveling recessed LED spotlight, metal housing, connecting cable 0.2m with LED 350 plug, light color ww (warm white) approx. 3000K is getting warmer (up to 2000K) while dimming (trailing edge dimmer only), quick and easy installation by spring clips, accessories : small round phase dimmable transformer for 68mm bore hole


    LED-Trafo DC 350 mA

    Vida útil:

    L70/B10 >= 35.000 h

    Eficiencia energética:

    LED: 93 lm/W; luminaire: 455 lm (70 lm/W)

    Reproducción de colores:

    Ra/CRI >= 90


    • swivels and tilts 20° to both sides
    • metal casing
    • colour appearance ww (warm white) approx. 3000 K is getting warmer (up to 2000 K) while dimming (trailing edge dimmer only)
    • suitabe for screen workstations! (UGR < 19)
  • 20203010201
  • disponibilidad restringida probable
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    20203010201Dim-2-Warm SR 68 6,5W ww whitewhite
    20203010206Dim-2-Warm SR 68 6,5W ww matt chromematt chrome
    20203010208Dim-2-Warm SR 68 6,5W ww stainless steel lookstainless steel