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    EcoLite F HO

    Powerful 230V surface mounted luminaire with planar light  LED EcoLite F HO 300mm 4,5W ww


    Bright, compact and energy-efficient - the LED luminaire 230V "EcoLite F HO" is ideal for numerous applications: from high-end shops to private use for decorative purposes. The warm white light with approx. 3000K in combination with particularly small luminaire spacing ensures a particularly appealing look. Thanks to the clever clip fastenings included with the product, mounting the LED surface light is particularly easy. Thanks to accessories such as horizontal connections and connecting cables, the LED luminaire can also be adapted to many specific applications.


    220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz


    L70/B10 >= 50.000 h

    Efficienza energetica:

    LED 135 lm/W; luminaire: 1600 lm/m (110 lm/W)

    Resa del colore:

    Ra/CRI >= 80


    • rigid connector for minimum spacing between luminaires included
  • 20203260102
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    20203260102LED EcoLite F HO 300mm 4,5W ww3000 K bianco caldo
    20203260202LED EcoLite F HO 600mm 8,5W ww3000 K bianco caldo
    20203260302LED EcoLite F HO 900mm 12,5W ww3000 K bianco caldo
    20203260402LED EcoLite F HO 1150mm 16,5W ww3000 K bianco caldo
    20203260502LED EcoLite F HO 1440mm 21,5W ww3000 K bianco caldo
    20203260103LED EcoLite F HO 300mm 4,5W nw4000 K bianco neutro
    20203260203LED EcoLite F HO 600mm 8,5W nw4000 K bianco neutro
    20203260303LED EcoLite F HO 900mm 12,5W nw4000 K bianco neutro
    20203260403LED EcoLite F HO 1150mm 16,5W nw4000 K bianco neutro
    20203260503LED EcoLite F HO 1440mm 21,5W nw4000 K bianco neutro
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