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    120° Ø xw nw cw
    0,5m 650 2672 lx 2848 lx 3008 lx
    1,0m 1300 668 lx 712 lx 752 lx
    1,5m 1950 297 lx 316 lx 334 lx
    2,0m 2600 167 lx 178 lx 188 lx
    2,5m 3250 107 lx 114 lx 120 lx

    Dynamic Tape

    Self-adhesive, with adjustable colour appearance  Dynamic LED Tape 5m 2x600 LED 72W


    Flexible LED tape on roll with adjustable light color, light color adjustable between 2700K and 5000K, quick and easy installation by the already applied double-sided 3M tape, supply cable 2,5m already attached, the tape can be cut every 50mm (see marking). Then the tape can be contacted again without soldering with the connection clip or the cables, optional accessories: glass edge profile for lateral light supply of glass panes, corner profile, cover profiles, milled profiles or mounting profiles, controller with radio remote control DALI, ZigBee or WiFi app


    LED-Trafo DC 24 V


    L70/B10 >= 50.000 h

    Efficienza energetica:

    LED: 129 lm/W; luminaire: 1470 lm/m (100 lm/W)

    Resa del colore:

    Ra/CRI >= 80


    • max. 5m on one supply cable
    • quick and easy installation due to double-sided adhesive tape
    • tapes can be shortened at 50mm intervals (marking underneath the adhesive foil)
    • the power (W) of partial sections cannot be calculated linearly, please refer to the configurator!
    • colour appearance between 2700K (xw) and 5000K (cw) adjustable
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