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    HVLCS cables for 230V luminaires

    230V plug-in system  HVLCS 46/ 150 connecting cable 0,15m


    connecting cable for vertical snapping on to SlimLite CS luminaires
  • 21544060101
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    article number description
    21544060101HVLCS 46/ 150 connecting cable 0,15m
    21544060501HVLCS 46/ 500 connecting cable 0,5m
    21544061001HVLCS 46/1000 connecting cable 1m
    21544061501HVLCS 46/1500 connecting cable 1,5m
    21544062001HVLCS 46/2000 connecting cable 2m
    21544032001HVLCS 43/2000 mains cable with Euro 2m
    21544022002HVLCS 42/2000 mains cable with AE 2m
    21544112001HVLCS V/2000 6-way distributor with Euro 2m
    21544150111HVLCS B metal flush-type socket with nut
    21544150001HVLCS H wood flush-type socket
    21544140001HVLCS T-adaptor with one socket
    21544130001HVLCS Y-distributor
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