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    Accessories recessed LED luminaire

    Decor ring Eco R 68 round white


    Colored decorative ring for Eco R 68 module
  • 20501022201
  • limited availability
  • available versions

    Choose from the options below. The currently selected one is highlighted in color.

    article number description drilling diameter colour of housing connection
    20501021506Mounting ring R 55 matt chrome---
    20501021508Mounting ring R 55 stainless steel---
    20501021106Mounting ring R 68 matt chrome---
    20501021108Mounting ring R 68 stainless steel look---
    20501021803Mounting ring R 68 black---
    20501021206Mounting ring Q 68 matt chrome---
    20501021208Mounting ring Q 68 stainless steel look---
    20501021203Mounting ring Q 68 black---
    61500030121Mounting spring AR 35---
    61500030111Mounting spring AR 45---
    61500030101Mounting spring ARF 68/78/Q68-78mm--
    61500030131Mounting spring HV 68/7868-78mm--
    20501021406Adapter ring SR 68 round matt chrome---
    20501021408Adapter ring SR 68 round stainless steel look---
    20501021401Adapter ring SR 68 round white---
    20501021416Adapter ring SR 68 square matt chrome---
    20501021418Adapter ring SR 68 square stainless steel---
    20501021411Adapter ring SR 68 square white---
    20501021908Mounting ring AR 68 stainless steel---
    20501021903Mounting ring AR 68 black---
    20501022008Mounting ring AQ 68 stainless steel---
    20501022003Mounting ring AQ 68 black---
    20501022108Mounting ring AR 58 stainless steel look-stainless steel-
    20501022103Mounting ring AR 58 black-black-
    20501022201Decor ring Eco R 68 round white-white-
    20501022203Decor ring Eco R 68 round black-black220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz
    20501022204Decor ring Eco R 68 round chrome-matt chrome220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz
    20501022208Decor ring Eco R 68 round stainless steel look-stainless steel220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz
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