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    Additional accessories SlimLite® CS

    Mounting dimmer switch (1-10V)


    surface mounted dimmer (1-10V) dim control cable 2m with Mini AMP socket ready to plug in for dimmable light strips and transformers
  • 50618040101
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    article number description safety class protection class
    50618040101Mounting dimmer switch (1-10V)IP20-
    20301180201CS-PL plexiglass cover 6W--
    20301180202CS-PL plexiglass cover 8W--
    20301180203CS-PL plexiglass cover 14W--
    20301180204CS-PL plexiglass cover 21W--
    20301180205CS-PL plexiglass cover 28W--
    20301180206CS-PL plexiglass cover 35W--
    21503220260Mini AMP 1-10V connecting cable 0,15mIP20SK3
    21503220270Mini AMP 1-10V connecting cable 0,3mIP20SK3
    21503220280Mini AMP 1-10V connecting cable 0,6mIP20SK3
    21503220290Mini AMP 1-10V connecting cable 1,2mIP20SK3
    21503220202Mini AMP 1-10V connecting cable 1,8mIP20SK3
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