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    Supply cable LED Stick 2 1000mm


    supply cable LED stick 2 with LED 24-plugs, as connection between transformer and first stick


    LED-Trafo DC 24 V
  • 21527062531
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    article number description safety class connection system connection protection class
    21527062531Supply cable LED Stick 2 1000mmIP20LED 24LED-Trafo DC 24 VSK3
    21527062511Supply cable LED Stick 2 2500mmIP20LED 24LED-Trafo DC 24 VSK3
    21527060021Connecting cable LED Stick 2 30mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527060301Connecting cable LED Stick 2 300mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527060701Connecting cable LED Stick 2 700mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527061011Connecting cable LED Stick 2 1000mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527062011Connecting cable LED Stick 2 2000mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21703240101Push switch LED Stick 2 anodized aluminiumIP20LED 24-SK3
    20204010703Mounting clip LED Stick 2----
    21527062532Supply cable LED Twin-Stick 2 1000mmIP20LED 24LED-Trafo DC 24 VSK3
    21527262502Supply cable LED Twin-Stick 2 2500mmIP20LED 24LED-Trafo DC 24 VSK3
    21527062521Supply cable LED Twin-Stick 2 2500mm blackIP20LED 24LED-Trafo DC 24 VSK3
    21527060022Connecting cable LED Twin-Stick 2 30mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527060302Connecting cable LED Twin-Stick 2 300mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527060702Connecting cable LED Twin-Stick 2 700mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527061012Connecting cable LED Twin-Stick 2 1000mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21527062012Connecting cable LED Twin-Stick 2 2000mmIP20LED 24-SK3
    21703240201LED Twin-Stick 2 dip switch anodized aluminiumIP20LED 24-SK3
    20204010704Mounting clip LED Twin-Stick 2----
    21530040422Supply cable LED Evo-Stick F2 1000mmIP65LED 24LED-Trafo DC 24 VSK3
    21530040421Supply cable LED Evo-Stick F2 2500mmIP65LED 24LED-Trafo DC 24 VSK3
    21530040431Connecting cable LED Evo-Stick F2 300mmIP65LED 24-SK3
    21301010157Magnet holding Pipe clip transparent----
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