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    SlimLite® CS HE

    Compact, "screw-through" T5 aluminium fluorescent lamp  SlimLite CS 595mm 14W HE


    Very compact Linear luminaire, Small rigid connectors for minimum spacing between luminaires, vertical plug-in system allows later removal from the strip light, solid aluminium casing, easy mounting by enclosed clips, many accessories like reflector, screw-on bracket for Lichtvouten, plexiglass cover, horizontal or vertical connection line distributor and flush-type sockets with with small (7,5mm diameter) high-voltage plug-in system ready for connection with Tyco AMP, corner mounting clips 45° or angle mounting clips 90°


    220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz

    Energy efficiency:

    96 - 104 lm/W (14 - 35 W)

    Colour rendering:

    Ra/CRI >= 80

    Special features:

    • Flicker-free instant start and power-saving due to electronic ballast
    • ideal for food industry applications due to plexiglass cover (splinter shield)
    • rigid connector for minimal spacing between luminaires
    • vertical plug-in system allows later removal from the strip light
    • many accessories
    • from 8 W version „screw-through“

    Further Information:

    See FAQ
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