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    Plastic  Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm


    front cover LED milled profile, anodized aluminium lacquered, opening for the supply cable can be separated, for covering of milling radii of the 30mm wide and 12mm deep groove, set of 2 incl. screws

    Special features:

    • For screwing, gluing or with magnetic tape.
  • 61500031043
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    article number description colour of housing
    61500032113LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 1mblack
    61500032163LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 2,95m set of 5black
    61500031043Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/8mmblack
    61500032110LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 1manodized aluminium
    61500032161LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 2,95m set of 5anodized aluminium
    61500031041Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/8mmanodized aluminium
    61500031613LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 1mblack
    61500031663LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 2,95m set of 5black
    61500031023Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/13mmblack
    61500031610LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 1manodized aluminium
    61500031661LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 2,95m set of 5anodized aluminium
    61500031021Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/13mmanodized aluminium
    20204011701Mounting clip LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm transparent-
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