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    Plastic  LED Cover Profile 25mm 1m


    LED cover profile 25 mm, highly matt, to cover the 22 mm wide and 12 mm deep milling groove, optional accessories: mounting clip for screwless installation of LED Stick or Twin-Stick

    Special features:

    • to cover the 12 or 22mm milling groove or in combination with various aluminium profiles
  • 20301280310
  • limited availability
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    article number description
    20301280710LED Cover Profile 15mm 1m
    20301280760LED Cover Profile 15mm 6m roll
    20301280610LED Cover Profile 15mm 1m
    20301280654LED Cover Profile 15mm 6m roll
    20301280510LED Cover Profile 15mm 1m
    20301280554LED Cover Profile 15mm 6m roll
    20301281110LED Cover Profile 25mm 1m
    20301281154LED Cover Profile 25mm 6m roll
    20301280110LED Cover Profile 25mm 1m
    20301280154LED Cover Profile 25mm 6m roll
    20301280310LED Cover Profile 25mm 1m
    20301280354LED Cover Profile 25mm 6m roll
    21304108008Front cover LED Cover Profile 25mm

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