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    ModuLite F

    230V under cabinet kitchen luminaire with homogeneous planar light  LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W ww


    White uniform light for the best working conditions - this is what the ModuLite F LED under-cabinet luminaire with 230V promises. In addition to strong performance, the light strip offers clever features that are perfectly designed for use in the kitchen. The housing of the LED under-cabinet luminaire is made of anodised aluminium and is therefore particularly resistant to water vapour. Thanks to the integrated switch, operating the light strip is particularly easy. This also applies to installation: the under-cabinet luminaire can be screwed through and uses the high-voltage plug-in system from Tyco AMP. This makes it easy to install the LED luminaire in the kitchen. The very small plug with a diameter of just 7.5 mm also enables discreet use even in the tightest spaces.


    220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz

    Vida útil:

    L70/B10 >= 60.000 h

    Eficiencia energética:

    LED: 122 lm/W; luminaire: 1583 lm/m (95 lm/W)

    Reproducción de colores:

    Ra/CRI >= 90


    • integrated HVLCS plug and socket in casing for uninterrupted strip lights (max. 300 W)
    • with integrated switch
    • not dimmable
  • 20202580112
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    N.º de artículo Denominación Color de la carcasa Color de la luz
    20202580112LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W wwblanco3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580212LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W wwblanco3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580312LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W wwblanco3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580412LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W wwblanco3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580113LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W nwblanco4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580213LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W nwblanco4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580313LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W nwblanco4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580413LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W nwblanco4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580132LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W wwnegro3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580232LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W wwnegro3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580332LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W wwnegro3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580432LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W wwnegro3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580133LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W nwnegro4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580233LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W nwnegro4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580333LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W nwnegro4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580433LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W nwnegro4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580002LED ModuLite F 300mm 5W wwaluminio anodizado3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580102LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W wwaluminio anodizado3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580202LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W wwaluminio anodizado3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580302LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W wwaluminio anodizado3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580402LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W wwaluminio anodizado3000 K blanco cálido
    20202580003LED ModuLite F 300mm 5W nwaluminio anodizado4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580103LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W nwaluminio anodizado4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580203LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W nwaluminio anodizado4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580303LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W nwaluminio anodizado4000 K blanco neutro
    20202580403LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W nwaluminio anodizado4000 K blanco neutro

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