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  • ModuLite F

    120° Ø ww nw
    0,5m 610 2360 lx 2400 lx
    1,0m 1220 590 lx 600 lx
    1,5m 1830 262 lx 267 lx
    2,0m 2440 148 lx 150 lx
    2,5m 3050 94 lx 96 lx

    ModuLite F

    230V under cabinet kitchen luminaire with homogeneous planar light  LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W ww


    Flat LED under cabinet luminaire 230V, housing white, easy installation (screw-through), very small plug (ø = 7,5mm), high-voltage-plug-in system by Tyco AMP, colour appearance ww (warm white) approx. 3000K, with integrated switch


    220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz


    L70/B10 >= 60.000 h

    Energy efficiency:

    LED: 122 lm/W; luminaire: 1583 lm/m (95 lm/W)

    Colour rendering:

    Ra/CRI >= 90

    Special features:

    • integrated HVLCS plug and socket in casing for uninterrupted strip lights (max. 300 W)
    • with integrated switch
    • not dimmable
  • 20202580112
  • limited availability
  • available versions

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    article number description Gehäusefarbe Lichtfarbe
    20202580112LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W wwwhite3000 K warm white
    20202580212LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W wwwhite3000 K warm white
    20202580312LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W wwwhite3000 K warm white
    20202580412LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W wwwhite3000 K warm white
    20202580113LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W nwwhite4000 K neutral white
    20202580213LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W nwwhite4000 K neutral white
    20202580313LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W nwwhite4000 K neutral white
    20202580413LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W nwwhite4000 K neutral white
    20202580132LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W wwblack3000 K warm white
    20202580232LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W wwblack3000 K warm white
    20202580332LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W wwblack3000 K warm white
    20202580432LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W wwblack3000 K warm white
    20202580133LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W nwblack4000 K neutral white
    20202580233LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W nwblack4000 K neutral white
    20202580333LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W nwblack4000 K neutral white
    20202580433LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W nwblack4000 K neutral white
    20202580002LED ModuLite F 300mm 5W wwanodized aluminium3000 K warm white
    20202580102LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W wwanodized aluminium3000 K warm white
    20202580202LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W wwanodized aluminium3000 K warm white
    20202580302LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W wwanodized aluminium3000 K warm white
    20202580402LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W wwanodized aluminium3000 K warm white
    20202580003LED ModuLite F 300mm 5W nwanodized aluminium4000 K neutral white
    20202580103LED ModuLite F 450mm 8W nwanodized aluminium4000 K neutral white
    20202580203LED ModuLite F 600mm 10W nwanodized aluminium4000 K neutral white
    20202580303LED ModuLite F 900mm 15W nwanodized aluminium4000 K neutral white
    20202580403LED ModuLite F 1200mm 18W nwanodized aluminium4000 K neutral white

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