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    LED 24

    2-pole plug-in system  LED 24 connecting cable 0,1m


    connecting cable with LED 24 plug and LED 24 coupling


    LED-Trafo DC 24V

    Special features:

    • for constant voltage (reverse polarity protected)
    • output: max. 60W
    • plug only 7,9mm in diameter (fits through 8mm drill hole)
    • plug for connecting cable only 8,5mm in diameter (fits through 9mm drill hole)
    • cable 2 x 0,21mm2
  • 21530060102
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    article number description drilling diameter
    21530060102LED 24 connecting cable 0,1m8mm
    21530060501LED 24 connecting cable 0,5m8mm
    21530061001LED 24 connecting cable 1,0m8mm
    21530062501LED 24 connecting cable 2,5m8mm
    21530000101LED 24 mounting socket for wood13mm
    21508060706LED 24 4-way distributor-
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