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    LED 24 transformer

    Electronic  Transformer LED 24/100W DC 24V


    electronic safety transformer for 24V DC, mains cable 2m with Euro plug, 12-way distributor, max. permissible cable length 5m


    220 - 240V / 50 - 60Hz

    Special features:

    • constant 24V DC
    • protected against short-circuit , overload and no-load
    • max. length of secondary cables: 5m each

    Further Information:

    See FAQ
  • 20604003301
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    article number description
    20604002301Transformer LED 24/ 5W DC 24V
    20604001101Transformer LED 24/ 15W DC 24V
    20604001201Transformer LED 24/ 30W DC 24V
    20604003101Transformer LED 24/ 60W DC 24V
    20604003301Transformer LED 24/100W DC 24V
    20604004001Transformer LED 24/150W DC 24V
    20604003002Transformer LED 24/200W DC 24V
    61500300817Transformer LED 24/ 30W with connecting cable 1m + ferrules
    20604001904Transformer LED 24/ 75W with connecting cable 1m + ferrules
    61500301315Transformer LED 24/200W with connecting cable 1m + ferrules
    20604005601Transformer LED 24/ 80W DC 24V
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