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    100° Ø xw nw cw
    0,5m 590 2580 lx 2660 lx 2740 lx
    1,0m 1180 645 lx 665 lx 685 lx
    1,5m 1770 287 lx 296 lx 304 lx
    2,0m 2360 161 lx 166 lx 171 lx
    2,5m 2950 103 lx 106 lx 110 lx


    360° rotatable aluminium over cabinet luminaire  LED Pipe 310mm 7,5W xw


    Rotating, round LED surface-mounted luminaire with 14mm diameter, housing aluminum, 25mm supply cable with LED 24 plug and 25mm connection cable with LED 24 socket, easy installation with incl. screws, colour appearance xw (extra warm white) approx. 2700K, optional accessories: magnet holding clip, dim controller with remote control, DALI or 1-10V dim controller with remote control, DALI or 1-10V


    LED-Trafo DC 24 V


    L70/B10 >= 50.000 h

    Energy efficiency:

    LED 113 lm/W; luminaire: 1530 lm/m (61 lm/W)

    Colour rendering:

    Ra/CRI >= 95

    Special features:

    • LEDs rotating 360°, max. 60 W per supply cable
    • assembly with screws in wood or with magnet holding clip as accessory
  • 61001491103
  • limited availability
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    article number description light colour
    61001491103LED Pipe 310mm 7,5W xw2700 K extra warm white
    61001491203LED Pipe 610mm 15,0W xw2700 K extra warm white
    61001491303LED Pipe 910mm 22,5W xw2700 K extra warm white
    61001490403LED Pipe 1210mm 30,0W xw2700 K extra warm white
    61001491102LED Pipe 310mm 7,5W ww3000 K warm white
    61001491202LED Pipe 610mm 15,0W ww3000 K warm white
    61001491302LED Pipe 910mm 22,5W ww3000 K warm white
    61001490402LED Pipe 1210mm 30,0W ww3000 K warm white
    61001491101LED Pipe 310mm 7,5W nw4000 K neutral white
    61001491201LED Pipe 610mm 15,0W nw4000 K neutral white
    61001491301LED Pipe 910mm 22,5W nw4000 K neutral white
    61001490401LED Pipe 1210mm 30,0W nw4000 K neutral white
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