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    Aluminium  LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 1m


    LED mounting profile for integration of LED Line and tapes, for cover profile 15mm slightly or highly matt on roll, optional accessory: self-adhesive magnetic tape for metal sheets

    Special features:

    • For screwing, gluing or with magnetic tape.
  • 61500031613
  • limited availability
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    article number description colour of housing
    61500032113LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 1mblack
    61500032163LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 2,95m set of 5black
    61500031043Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/8mmblack
    61500032110LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 1manodized aluminium
    61500032161LED Mounting Profile 15/8mm 2,95m set of 5anodized aluminium
    61500031041Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/8mmanodized aluminium
    61500031613LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 1mblack
    61500031663LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 2,95m set of 5black
    61500031023Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/13mmblack
    61500031610LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 1manodized aluminium
    61500031661LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm 2,95m set of 5anodized aluminium
    61500031021Front cover LED Mounting Profile 15/13mmanodized aluminium
    20204011701Mounting clip LED Mounting Profile 15/13mm transparent-
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