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  • RGB Tape

    120° Ø 7W/m 12W/m
    0,5m 650 340 lx 660 lx
    1,0m 1300 85 lx 165 lx
    1,5m 1950 38 lx 73 lx
    2,0m 2600 21 lx 41 lx
    2,5m 3250 14 lx 26 lx

    RGB Tape

    Self-adhesive, with varying colours  LED RGB Tape 5m 480 LED 85W


    Flexible LED tape on roll with colour change, quick and easy installation due to the already applied double-sided 3M adhesive tape, supply cable easy to attach, the tape can be shortened every 62,5mm (marks between the LEDs). Afterwards the tape can be reconnected without soldering with the connecting clip or the cables, accessories available: profile for glass shelves to stick on glass shelves, corner profile, cover profiles, milled profiles or mounting profiles, controller with remote control DALI, ZigBee or WiFi app.


    LED-Trafo DC 24 V


    L70/B10 >= 40.000 h

    Energy efficiency:

    luminaire white: 550 lm/m (32 lm/W)

    Special features:

    • max. 4m (version 480 LED) on one supply cable
    • quick and easy installation due to double-sided adhesive tape and clips
    • can be shortened at 62,5mm (marks between the LEDs)
    • RGB-Controller (radio + WiFi + DALI)
  • 20202650300
  • limited availability
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    article number description energy efficiency
    20202650100LED RGB Tape 5m 150 LED 35Wluminaire white: 175 lm/m (25 lm/W)
    20202650200LED RGB Tape 5m 300 LED 60Wluminaire white: 350 lm/m (29 lm/W)
    20202650300LED RGB Tape 5m 480 LED 85Wluminaire white: 550 lm/m (32 lm/W)
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